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Toothless, Teeth, Night Fury




Gender: Male

Height: 12'9" (389cm)

Weight: 859lbs (390kgs)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Scales


Intelligence: 3.5/10, 2/7 & 7/20

Strength: 38/50, 5/7 & 58/70

Speed: 15/20, 6/7 & 8/10

Agility: 19/30, 6/7 & 24/35

Durability: 6/7, 6/7 & 37/50

Energy Protection: 5/10, 4/7 & 11/20

Fighting Skills: 77/100, 6/7 & 154/200

First Appearance:

The Super Squad...(2012)


Toothless is a dragon from (How To Train Your Dragon)

'Origin of the name Toothless'Edit

Toothless is so named because the first time Hiccup sees Toothless after escaping from the Wild Dragon Cliff, Toothless yawns and reveals he hasn't grown any teeth yet. Snotlout ridicules Hiccup and names Hiccup's dragon Toothless.

However, in the movie he is called Toothless since the first time Hiccup sees Toothless up close (while feeding him the fish), Toothless' teeth are retracted. Although Hiccup immediately realizes that Toothless' teeth are retractable, the name sticks.


Toothless (HTTYD)

Physical Appearance and BehaviourEdit

Toothless is black, of a moderate size (large enough to carry both Hiccup and Astrid), has large yellow eyes with black pupils (which can appear cat-like when angered or large and innocent like a puppy's when docile), with the largest wing span to body porportion of all the dragon species allowing him to fly faster, farther, and higher than any other dragon. He has characteristics of both a dog and cat. Although he has retractable teeth, he is known as Toothless because Hiccup sa

w him without teeth when feeding him for the first time. Toothless also has similar characteristics of a bat such as his habit of sleeping with his wings wrapped around his body and hanging upside-down by his tail.

Toothless is very intelligent and has a dry sense of humor, similar to Hiccup's. He does not take kindly to being offended or anyone offending or endangering Hiccup. He is very playful and docile when not threatened and very loyal and protective of Hiccup.



Super Speed: Toothless is one of the quickest dragons recorded in the world.

Super Durability: Toothless can last very lond due to his rough skin and dragon-characteristics.

Flame Breath: Due to him being a dragon he can burst fire through his breath.

Flight: Toothless can fly very quickly the quickest dragon from (How To Train Your Dragon)

Darkness: Toothless can control darkness and his force fields are made out of darkness.

Fire Control:

Energy Enhanced-Strike:

Energy Based Constructs:


Unarmed Combat: Toothless is a good hand-to-hand combatant.

Claws: Toothless has very long claws to claw people with.



Strength Level: Toothless can lift 11tons with the support of his tail.


Toothless going to eat!

288px-Night Fury

Toothles's Breed: Night Fury