Medusa (Clash of the Titans) 2010

Information on Medusa

Real Name:


Current Alias:







Gender: Female

Height: 31'8" (965cm)

Weight: 478lbs (217kgs)

Eyes: Green

Hair: Snakes


Intelligence: 5/10, 4/7 & 11/20

Strength: 37/50, 6/7 & 57/70

Speed: 11/20, 5/7 & 6/10

Agility: 19/30, 6/7 & 24/35

Durability: 6/7, 6/7 & 39/50

Energy Protection: 5/10, 3/7 & 10/20

Fighting Skills: 80/100, 6/7 & 160/200

First Appearance:

The Super Squad...(2012)


Medusa has snake hair and can turn people into stone by looking at them!


Medusa, in the Greek Mythology, is a Gorgon, and has the power to transform men & women into stone statues. She has two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, who are also Gorgons. She can handle a bow and arrow very well. She is beautiful and is very famous.

Medusa was one a lovely young girl who had a boyfriend she loved very much. One afternoon she and her boyfriend were looking for a place where they could be alone, and they went into a temple of the goddess Athena. Seeing that nobody else was there, they sat down to talk, and soon they started to kiss. Athena, looking down from the sky, saw them, and she was very angry that they would use her temple this way. She made Medusa grow very ugly, and have snakes instead of hair. Medusa's boyrfriend ran away, frightened. Medusa's sisters, from an Athenian Proto-Geometric vase about 675-650BC. After that Medusa went away from the other people and hid herself, and she lived with her sisters (who had also gotten ugly) for many years. They were so ugly that if you looked at them you would turn into a stone statue!

Basic Story on MedusaEdit

The hero Perseus, instructed by Athena, seeks Medusa's head. Athena tells him to only look at Medusa's reflection in his highly-polished shield. He obeys and succeeds in lopping off her head, which still retained its power to turn people into stone. An image of this head was placed on Athena's own armor or shown on her shield.

First AppearanceEdit


Unarmed Combat: Medusa is a very good hand-to-hand combatant.

Weapon Master: She can handle a bow and arrow one of the best in the world.

Attractive Female: Medusa is a very beautiful woman.

Super Speed:

Super Stamina:

Super Durability:

Snake Hair: Medusa's hair is made-up of snakes which can attack people when Medusa is in a battle.

Super Agility:

Strength Level: Medusa can lift up 5tons with the support of her tail.


Medusa's Tail; Chasing Perseus