Knave of hearts

Knave of Hearts (Alice In Wonderland) 2010


Information on Knave of Hearts

Real Name:

Ilosovic Stayne

Current Alias:

Knave of Hearts


Knvae of Hearts, Stayne, Ilosovic




Gender: Male

Height: 7'6" (229cm)

Weight: 256lbs (116kgs)

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Blonde, Black


Intelligence: 5/10, 3/7 & 11/20

Strength: 36/50, 5/7 & 56/70

Speed: 6/20, 2/7 & 3/10

Agility: 16/30, 4/7 & 21/35

Durability: 6/7, 6/7 & 34/50

Energy Protection: 4/10, 3/7 & 8/20

Fighting Skills: 81/100, 6/7 & 162/200

First Appearance:

The Super Squad...(2012)

The Knave of Hearts works for the Red Queen and is her ex-boyfriend.


The Knave of Hearts is mentioned first in Chapter Eight, and Chapters Eleven and Twelve deal with his trial for a tart robbery in which the King of Hearts presides as judge. Alice eventually defends the Knave after the evidence becomes increasingly absurd and she is called as a witness. The Knave of Hearts is presumably the Jack of Hearts Brother.

The White Rabbit announces the charges as:

"The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, All on a summer day: The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts, And took them quite away!"

The Knave is fairly indifferent throughout the trial, and besides Alice, the Mad Hatter is called to give evidence but spends his entire time being nervous in front of the King and Queen of Hearts, and the Duchess's cook is summoned to tell the court what tarts are made of. Neither are convincing witnesses, and the Knave does not offer a very good defence. He refuses to give evidence and then denies he wrote a letter that mysteriously appears in the court, but that he already knows isn't signed.

Fortunately for him, Alice diverts the attention of the court by growing ever and ever larger and arguing more and more, lastly with the Queen over the concept of "sentence first—verdict afterwards". Before a verdict can be reached for the Knave's innocence or guilt, Alice reaches full size and forcefullness, and then calls them "nothing but a pack of cards". They attack her, ending the trial.


Swordsmanship: The Knave is a talented with swords.


Enhanced Strength:

Enhanced Stamina & Durability:

Attractive Male:

Healing: The Knave can heal bullets, scrapes, bumps etc.

Super Eating:

Unarmed Combat: The Knave is amazing at hand-to-hand combat.

Weapon Master: The Knave can almost handle any weapon when first handling it.

Willpower Based-Constructs:

Strength Level: The Knave can lift up a 3 tons.