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Bandersnatch (Alice in Wonderland)

Information on Bandersnatch

Real Name:


Current Alias:







Gender: Male

Height: 36'3" (1105cm)

Weight: 9tons, 20,160lbs (9,144kgs)

Eyes: Red

Hair: White spotted Black


Intelligence: 3/10, 2/7 & 6/20

Strength: 45/100, 7/7 & 65/70

Speed: 12/20, 5/7 & 6/10

Agility: 15/30, 4/7 & 20/35

Durability: 7/7, 7/7 & 42/50

Energy Protection: 3/10, 2/7 & 7/20

Fighting Skills: 77/100, 6/7 & 154/200

First Appearance:

The Super Squad...(2012)

Bandersnatch is a gargantuan, immense wild dog from Alice in Wonderland.


The Bandersnatch is a white spotted gigantic dog. He appears in Alice in Wonderland. He works for the Red Queen who rules Underland. He claws Alice on purpose but later on helps her by licking her scrape what had swollen up more. He then helps Alice and her friends to destroy the master forever and ever.


Super Strength: Because of his immense size, the Bandersnatch can lift up very much anything.

Claws: Bandersnatch has giant claws for scraping and cutting through almost the hardest of all metals.

Super Speed: The Bandersnatch can run at very high speeds raising through Underland at the rate of up to 150mph

Super Durability & Stamina:

Super Eating: Bandersnatch has a very good appetite.

Super Hearing:

Super Sight:

Wind Bursts: With running up to high speeds, Bandersnatch can create gusts fo wind to clear the path ahead of him.


Unarmed Combat:

Psionic: He can shoot Psionic blasts from his mouth.

Strength Level: The Bandersnatch can pick up 95tons with the support of his body.